Stratification, Management and Guidance of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Patients using Hybrid Digital Twin Solutions

About the project

SMASH-HCM, an initiative focused on transforming the landscape of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM). Our project aims to develop a cutting-edge digital-twin platform, integrating dynamic biophysical models and data-driven insights for personalized HCM stratification and improved disease management. Join us in advancing the state of the art in human digital-twins, delivering new insights, enhanced patient care, and a validated strategy through a pilot clinical trial.

Pilot sites
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February 2024
Project month 2
Governance established

Specifies decision-making processes and project-related bodies’ members

June 2024
Project month 6

Data Management concepts established/ Data transfer agreements (DTA)

Risk and quality assessment. R-DMP for common standards for management of research data/Each partner signs DTA

December 2024
Project month 12
iPSC lines sharing

PSC lines shared

March 2025
Project month 15

Sharing of patient data with WP3-6

CMR data available

April 2025
Project month 16
API for HCM stratification algorithms available

API for is available for use in software solution

June 2025
Project month 18
Initial populations for deep-phenotyping and data augmentation

Initial calibrated populations available

December 2025
Project month 24
Socio-economic impact assessment framework and Two novel iPSC lines

Framework description 

Lines generated 

February 2026
Project month 26
Population of smooth muscle cell models

Report on HCM population of smooth muscle cell models

June 2026
Project month 30
Integrated calibrated populations for deep-phenotyping and data augmentation

Multi-scale methods to simulate phenotypic genetic variants in HCM and Pipeline for the personalization of human heart electromechanical models

July 2026
Project month 31
Results of validation of HCM risk stratification

Report and validation results of HCM risk stratification/clustering model

September 2026
Project month 32
Decision Support Solution ready for clinical pilot/Regulatory, validation, and adoption strategy

Final version of the DSS, ready for pilot validation study/ Discussions with FIMEA and DEKRA representatives performed

March 2027
Project month 38
Stakeholder network for regulation and validation

Discussions with patient org representative and subgroups performed , Representatives of pharmaceutical and technological industry discussed with SMASH-HCM consortium

April 2027
Project month 40
Integrated personalized multi-organ model

Pipeline for integrated multi-organ model of integrating cardiovascular
and autonomic nervous systems. Patient-specific multi-organ models

June 2027
Project month 42
Predictions and retrospective validation of therapy response

Predictions shared

December 2027
Project month 48
Prognostics of personalized optimal therapy choices

Prognostics of personalized optimal therapy choices based on clinical outcome

Latest news

On May 15th, 2024, the SMASH-HCM project team met with patient organisations from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, and Italy to discuss our innovative approach to improving the stratification and…

kick off event

Thrilled to announce the kick-off of the SMASH-HCM project! Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), a common inherited heart disease, presents diverse risks but is currently diagnosed and treated as a single condition….